1984 Review – Written By George Orwell

1984 Review – Written By George Orwell

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1984 Review

1984 Review

Author: George Orwell

Shelf: Dystopia/Satire

Genre: Dystopian\Satire \Contemporary\Classics

Ratings: 9.5/10




Do you really think you are free?

Well, this novel which Orwell wrote in 1945 would prove that you aren’t…

I must say, a very bold satirical novel it is, bold, because it is something like disclosing how the higher-ups of many countries operate their countries- by fooling them, hence evident from the book’s major slogans I quoted at the very top…

This novel is totally symbolic and dystopian, portraying an exaggerated version of a totalitarian society, but actually, it can be applied to common societies as well…

George Orwell invented a whole symbolic country even with a different language, to explain his points well, that how humans are controlled.

In this dystopian world, people can’t speak freely, think freely. They are trained in such a way that they can’t even figure out that their government is cheating them. History is altered, fake news is spread, people are lied to, people are made to believe false things, they are being watched continuously. The other famous slogan from the book says it all… “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”

And how all this is done, the readers would be fascinated to find, cuz this book is written in a genius way…

The main character of this story, Winston Smith, realizes that something is wrong, that they are being cheated. And this realization doesn’t let him stay still. But soon, this realization makes him curious, he tries to find, among this crowd of fools, to find someone who shares the same thoughts as him… But what happens next, well that would be a spoiler. But I must say, you would really see many twists, so buckle up!

This book has been banned due to its outspokenness, and the way the writer expressed his thoughts, which is well, not always acceptable by authorities ☺️

So, I would highly suggest everyone to give it a read, and it will surely be an eye-opener…

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1984 Review By Ashna Altaf

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