When Breath Becomes Air Review – Written by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air Review – Written by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air Review – Written by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

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When Breath Becomes Air Review

When Breath Becomes Air Review

Author: Dr. Paul Kalanithi

Genre: Non-Fiction, Autobiography

Ratings: 9/10

What if for a person’s whole life, one works hard constantly to chase their dream, but then suddenly, they learn that they have a limited time to live… Just a few months. What would they do? How would they face reality?

This world, among many other people, saw one such person, who had to see death face to face, and yet, he turned out to be a huge inspiration, instead of losing hope.

Dr: Paul Kalanithi, an Indian-American Neurosurgeon…

In this book, Paul writes his inspiring autobiography. He wrote this book before finally greeting death, and this book is an account of his inspiring and passionate journey, to achieve his goals. He describes how passionate he was to chase his dreams, but eventually, how cruel life became when he was diagnosed with Cancer. The book has elements of literature, philosophy, medicine, real-life accounts of patients and their conditions, but most importantly, a heart-shaking reality of a man in the face of death.

Though he died before completing this book and her wife completed it afterward, still, the account of his life Kalanithi gave throughout, is beyond inspiring.

The language used is easy, with some medical jargon, so one should keep a dictionary to get a grip on those terms, hehe. This book shows his whole struggle, how he worked day and night to pursue his dreams, what kinds of unique operations he had to do. I even had goosebumps while reading about such brain operations, that how sensitive each nerve of our brain can be… It made me awestruck how doctors like him perform all these operations so accurately…

Being a former literature student, he brings his thoughts in a philosophical manner, which would give a deep insight to the reader, of the author’s thoughts… A book that would make you realize, that how much ever shitty life gets, if you have health, you still have a lot of hope…
A highly recommended book from my side.

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