BITE AND BREAK: 4 Terrible Ways Termites Can Damage Your Lovely House

BITE AND BREAK: 4 Terrible Ways Termites Can Damage Your Lovely House

BITE AND BREAK: 4 Terrible Ways Termites Can Damage Your Lovely House

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4 Terrible Ways Termites Can Damage Your Lovely House

Termites are one of the pests that humanity has been dealing with since the dawn of architectural advancements. They are definitely small but terrible. Due to their nature of causing horrible structural damage to establishments and infrastructures, be it houses, schools, malls, even banks, they are famous for the work of ruining many things! 

Just to add to that, they usually live in HUGE colonies underground or literally within the structures of houses. Termites are known to nibble and munch on various items. Sometimes, you will find them even inside the walls of materials that are nutritionally beneficial to them but disadvantageous to people. 

Speaking of the disadvantages that termites bring, houses suffer a lot from them indeed. Although they are just living their normal lives as insects, they are causing loads of ruckus to houses. If you have already experienced termite infestation in or on your own house, you know how annoying and detrimental they could get!

To learn more and gain more awareness about termites, below is a 4-point discussion of how they damage houses! Check it out!

1. To Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors are among the most usual yet essential elements to every building or structure in human society. They are inevitable in every house. Talk with construction workers, house experts, and custom home builders, and they will most likely tell you that every house has these.

Everyone must know by now that when termites exist inside houses, they are bound to cause problems to the interiors. When termites go to your windows and doors, they will often create pheromonic pathways in order to retrace their steps back to the colony. That is also for the rest of their comrades to go about their work in the area they just went to. 

If they find that the doors and windows are made of valuable material that can be used for actions such as building materials for their base and food, those will be their targets. They will be nibbling on the wooden structures of the doors, the window frames, the spots near the hinges which will lead to a bunch of headache-inducing problems including troubles to your home’s structural integrity. 

As the termites bite their way into your doors and whatnots, their stomach contains a large number of chemicals, enzymes, and microbiota that specialize in breaking down the wooden structure, making it a weaker characteristic and state. You will often find tunnels or roadways made of their own dung or fecal matter along with the ways of your damaged doors and windows. That is a clear sign that termites are doing their troublesome activities to your precious home. 

You can also find certain depressions and possibly holes and visible damages to the frames of your doors and windows. Always be sure to call experts, in this case, termite exterminators, to handle this housing problem properly and to prevent any further damage in the future.

2. To Roofs 

Termites walk and travel out and about through the vast expanse of their territory; unfortunately, that is inside your house. Of course, they will more than likely encounter the wooden frameworks and supports of your home’s roofs which they will use as their own resources. 

Naturally, they will be a threat to your house’s overall integrity, so obvious damages will probably be seen throughout your roof and its areas. You can test this by knocking on a piece of wooden support or just putting some force on it to see how much it resists. If it shows results that clearly say that the wooden planks and other plywood structures seem to be degraded, this can be considered as evidence that there is a presence of termites within or nearby. 

The termites’ fiber-destroying or rather weakening assets can really do a number on your roof. You will also see traces of long, dark, tube-like structures that serve as tunnels for termites to go to and from place-to-place. Just like always, call upon a house checking expert or roofing contractors to help properly handle your roof repairs.

3. To Walls 

As said earlier, termites go about your home wreaking havoc to your house’s interior. Another area, your walls, especially if they are made of wood, is no exception. 

Termites can dig their way into your walls and give your wallet a problem due to the repair costs of fixing their ruin some work. Worse, that could be outright replacing your wall. Because of the termites’ mischievous fluids, they can cause problems to your walls and as such, their state will be weakened. 

If left unchecked, the walls will gradually degrade, even more, causing more punches and blows to your budget due to the repair costs yet again. If you have installed wallpapers, be certain to check under them. Moreover, convenience is an issue since walls take up a huge part of your house. 

Always maintain and check if your walls are haunted by the terrors of architectural damage from termites. Make sure you clear out any sign of these pests with insecticide sprays which are safe for humans to use and friendly to the environment. Immediately mend and replace any damage that the termites made once the infestation is dealt with. 

Of course, you must not forget, if the situation is already too late and gets out of hand for yourself to manage, call trusted exterminators to help with your house’s termite issues.

4.To Wooden Flooring 

This should come as no surprise: Termites will without a doubt reach their ways to your floorboards and the structures underneath it. Just like always, with their pesky liquids, they will cause a nuisance to your house’s structural integrity.

Maintain your floors’ proper condition to prevent the termite situation from worsening. To look for damages that the termites might have caused, you can try prying open one of the wooden planks of your house to see for yourself if your floor really is termite-infested. For a less damage-inducing way, you can also try to find if there are any depression pockets with air space which might be caused by the termites nibbling and devouring. 

Of course, you will need to do the typical maintenance routines to prevent further difficulties to your house or in this case, your floors. Cleaning and sanitizing your floors will certainly assist a lot in discovering their presence and hideouts too. As always, call reliable termite exterminators to clear out the situation if it goes beyond your abilities


Your dear house is to be taken care of and protected well. Not only inclement weather but also animals such as these termites can cause damage to it. They can bite and break many house areas little by little, without you even knowing it! So see to it that you get ahead of them before they do, or if not, be quick to eliminate them in no time!

Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.

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