New York with the 5 Senses

New York with the 5 Senses

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New York with the 5 Senses

New York with the 5 Senses

We have been writing these articles for a season about what inspires us cities taking into account the 5 senses (yes, sometimes they are more). We have talked about Santander with the 5 senses, Buenos Aires, La Paz …

And today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite cities in the world, New York, the big apple that Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys sang to, the mega-city that smells like pepperoni pizzas, the capital of the world that…

… well well, I don’t want to go ahead with spoilers, we will have to see them one by one, right? What do you think ?, Do we start to see New York with the 5 senses?


New York is a city that fits very well by sight. The skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, from the ferry to Staten Island or from the highest of its most famous buildings such as Rockefeller Center or the Empire State.

You walk down any street in New York and you know you are in New York. You can see the yellow taxis, the skyscrapers that escort you, the people who walk quickly from one side to the other. The city that never sleeps!

But if there is any place to stand out from the mythical NY that really impacts the eye is Times Square, with its signs and lights that never go out. Nearby you’ll see Broadway shows, and if you get a little further away from the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

If New York enters through the eyes, I was already telling you, and I think everyone (except Let ) knows it. I have “interpreted” her name because she asks for more history, which the city knows little about. I will never understand … maybe he sees NY with different eyes.

But as cities are not only enjoyed with the eyes … let’s move on to another sense.


Uuuuuuuy I have not started writing anything in this section yet and I am already thinking of structuring it a little so that it does not come out too long. I promise not to extend, is that I love this part.

New York sounds like Broadway, okay, it sounds like the encouragement of the Yankees (baseball team, not an American euphemism), it sounds like action. But when night falls, New York sounds like music, and this is where I wanted to focus.

Because in New York the Velvet Underground gave birth (as an American emulation attempt to what Pink Floyd was achieving in the UK, ahem), the Strokes were born with their rock-and-roll pijerío, the sabotage of the Beastie Boys to the white hip hop scene, came out Blondie’s Debbie Harry and with her rap, to the mainstream (not a joke), KISS, Nada Surf (with its Spanish bassist, by the way), etc…

AAAAAAHHHHH ( by way of breathing, not screaming )

New York sounds like the Ramones playing at the CBGB (which is not any sexual orientation, all told, but one of the bars of the moment. From that moment).


Let and I spent a little over a week in New York and I think we ate pizza and a hamburger at least once a day. We were young and casimileuristas so it did not give us more.

New York is an expensive city, and not everyone can afford a piece of meat in any restaurant. There are thousands of franchises there and I (after living 4 years in Miami and having spent part of my childhood and youth there) am a lover of Taco Bells, Popeyes, Wendys, Shake Shacks, Pizza Huts and Five Guys on duty.

But beware, in New York, there is not only junk food.

There are also cheesecakes (the Two little Red Hens of the Upper East, the best).


Here I could talk about pollution, food odors, etc … but I wanted to focus on the walks in Central Park as a small (and free) Holden Caulfield.

Every time I see a merry-go-round I remember him, by the way.

The smell of Chinatown the first time you walk around (especially in the morning or at noon), Chelsea Market, the ocean from Coney Island.

Phew, I’m going to stop writing because as I get more confused, I take out my calendar and start looking for days to escape to New York again.


This sense is always the most complicated but at the same time the one that I like the most. I like it because a lot of people pass it by, and when they travel they don’t usually focus too much on it.

Almost always the questions people ask you when you return from a trip are: “How have you eaten?” or “What have you seen?” So we try to look at other senses when we are away from home, a different way of experiencing cities.

And in touch, I want to highlight the cold water of the Hudson River and the cold water of the Central Park lakes. Touching the trees in the park, the statue of Alice in Wonderland….

… The names of the inscriptions on the 9/11 monument.

The Sixth Senses

The first time I went to New York was a few weeks after 9/11. I was at Ground Zero, or what could be seen of it, and it really is chilling.

More than ten years later I returned to the same place and now I find a Memorial, something like a silent monument with metaphors everywhere that give you goosebumps from a distance.

There you can read the names of the fallen that fateful day, and in several, you will see that they have a rose next to their name.

And with this, we finish the article of the 5 senses. If you liked it, you can take a look at the rest we have, from other cities around the world. You can also leave us a comment below, we read them all !!

You can tell us what you think about New York City, or if you would add something to any of the senses.

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